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Pics from first foodie blog






Foodie stuff

My mate started doing a food blog so as I’m rubbish at 365 and regular edu blogs thought I’d give it a go. This was a fairly quick repast of stir fried leek, Courgette, cabbage, bean sprouts with garlic, chili, ginger, sweet Thai sauce and seasoning with rare steak pan fried with soy and Mirin, tasted ok.

Testing out Posterous

Twice upon a time there were four bears.
best regards
Ceri Williams

NGFL-Cymru/Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award Winner 2011

Link to my Kinect How-To on my other blog


#TMCymru & NGFL-Cymru Innovative Education Awards 2011 #ngflief

Last Monday I spoke at the South Wales chunk of #tmcymru in the WJEC building about how I have used some tech (Nintendo DS, MSPaint on a stylus-equipped Elitebook as a mini writing tool, MS Flashcards and NGFL-Alphabet) and non-tech (plasticine) to make letter shapes in the work I’ve done with a severely literacy-delayed pupil, and a bit about how Kodu has been a springboard for pupils’ writing. Thanks to @asober for all the efforts in trying to stream up to North Wales, but as @innovativeteach pointed out, we were disadvantaged by streaming uphill.

Thursday I went to Cardiff again for the NGFL-Cymru/Partners In Learning Awards as I had been forced, badgered,harangued, hassled, persuaded by Alessio to submit a project. I met/didn’t meet some twitter people for the first time;- @ngflblount, @ikeontoast, @owaingethin, and Ian Morgan, Dafydd Watcyn Williams from NGFL-Cymru, Carys from Llanedeyrn, @ritzertech and @davestacey. As I had won an award in 2009 I was just wondering which of the others would get to go to the IEF in Reading at MS Headquarters in November. I was utterly shocked and delighted I was one of the two projects selected! Congratulations to Owain Gethin Davies for winning the other place and well done to all the other projects, there were great ideas on display. I am really looking forward to going to Reading as the events in Birmingham 2009 and Manchester 2010 were fabulous networking occasions.

Word families- words with the /or/ sound, as in fork.

The /OR/ sound as in FORK- alternative spelling patterns

abhor, abort, absorb, accord, acorn, adorn, afford, afore, airborne, airport, auditorium, aurora, border, bore(d), boring, carnivore, cavort, chlorine, choral, chord, chore(s), chorus, cohort, concord, condor, conform, conquistador, consort, consortium, contort, cord, cordial, cordite, cordon, corduroy, cork, cormorant, corn, cornea, corner, cornet, cornice, cornucopia, corny, corporal, corporate, corps, corpse, corpulent, corpus, corpuscle, corset, cortex, cortical, decorum, deform, deplore, deport, discord, disgorge, disorder, disorient, distort, divorce, dormant, dormitory, dormouse, dorsal, endorse, enforce, engorge, enormous, exhort, exorbitant, exorcise, explore, export, extort, fiord, fjord, flora, floral, forbear, forbid, force, forceps, ford, fore, forearm, forecast, foresee, (lots of prefix = fore), forfeit, forge, forget, forgive, forgo, forgot, fork, forlorn, form, formal, format, former, formica, formula, forsake, fort, forte, forth, fortify, fortissimo, fortitude, fortnight, fortunate, fortune, forty, forum, forward, galore, geomorphic, gloria, glory, gorgeous, gorgon, gorilla, gory, guarantor, hardcore, harpsichord, hawthorn(!), heliport, herivore, historian, horde, hormone, horn, hornet, horse, horticulture, implore, import, important, incorporate, inexorable, informal, inordinate, inshore, Jordan, korma, laborious, lord, lore, matador, mentor, metaphor, meteor, morbid, mordant, more, moreover, Morgan, morning, moron, morph, morphine, morse, morsel, mortal, mortar, mortgage, mortice, mortuary, nor, normal, norse, north, norther, notorious, offshore, omnivore, orchestra, ordain, ordinary, organ, orient, ornithology, orthopaedic, oxymoron, paranormal, pastoral, pectoral, perform, performer, pictorial, pinafore, pitchfork, platform, porcelain, porcine, porcupine, pore, pork, porous, porpoise, port, portable, portal, portcullis, porter, portfolio, portico, portion, proforma, proportion, 

Short ‘a’ CVC word Pizza Game

I’ve selected or made some other word lists, go to zondle.com and type mrwilliams in the My Teacher search box.


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