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Kinect, Processing and other ramblings

I don’t blog enough, and I read a great article about blogging in10 mins, I’ll try………..

As a starter, I still am so fuelled by twitter and the fabulous resources that people find and link to, so if you’re a teacher and not on Twitter and fancy some red hot resources to use, join….as far as 10 mins goes, I’ve failed already…

I’ve taken an approach with some of my pupils that their literacy difficulties, and not necessarily dyslexia, are an attitudinal difficulty to engagement with reading and writing rather than a wholesale difficulty in being able to read and write, so I’ve tried to engage them in activities that might inspire to them to write. After all, my primary focus is to get them to be better readers and writers, and fundamentally, that requires practice.

Their microblogs are HERE

One of the things I use is Google Sketchup, the tutorial videos are great, here’s the house Jordan drew after watching the first new tutorial HERE.

Here’s his blog, check out his other writing, I think that’s pretty impressive recall and skill from one viewing of a video.

I’ve also been using Kodu, here’s video of Ieuan’s latest blog Ieuan’s Kodu Update

Here’s his blog

I’m finding that segmenting and blending is often hugely at root of the difficulties in reading and consequently I do loads of speaking and listening with a heavy emphasis on breaking down the words into their phonic components. With this comes approximate phonetic spelling and at least indicates an understanding of the building blocks of reading and writing.

Callum in Year 2 hates writing with a vengeance so for him to write two words was a huge achievement.

Callum’s first ever micro mini nano blog IS HERE

I’ve been using the Kinect  and Processing recently thanks to the genius of my mate Jan Ciger, who has developed some Processing hacks that I thought would work with Kinect, essentially the hands and sometimes head are tracked, I’ll write a bit more about this again but this is a screenshot of an image created by Callum when he was ‘Star Wars Luke Skywalker’.

One last thing before I go. and I will blog more about the Kinect stuff tomorrow, I disagree with the proponents of the school of thought that textspeak is detrimental to language development, because without an idea of the constructs of written language, textspeak wouldn’t exist, so although it might appear as a new ‘wrong’ language to some, it is only a hybrid of languages that already exist.


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