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Word families- words with the /or/ sound, as in fork.

The /OR/ sound as in FORK- alternative spelling patterns

abhor, abort, absorb, accord, acorn, adorn, afford, afore, airborne, airport, auditorium, aurora, border, bore(d), boring, carnivore, cavort, chlorine, choral, chord, chore(s), chorus, cohort, concord, condor, conform, conquistador, consort, consortium, contort, cord, cordial, cordite, cordon, corduroy, cork, cormorant, corn, cornea, corner, cornet, cornice, cornucopia, corny, corporal, corporate, corps, corpse, corpulent, corpus, corpuscle, corset, cortex, cortical, decorum, deform, deplore, deport, discord, disgorge, disorder, disorient, distort, divorce, dormant, dormitory, dormouse, dorsal, endorse, enforce, engorge, enormous, exhort, exorbitant, exorcise, explore, export, extort, fiord, fjord, flora, floral, forbear, forbid, force, forceps, ford, fore, forearm, forecast, foresee, (lots of prefix = fore), forfeit, forge, forget, forgive, forgo, forgot, fork, forlorn, form, formal, format, former, formica, formula, forsake, fort, forte, forth, fortify, fortissimo, fortitude, fortnight, fortunate, fortune, forty, forum, forward, galore, geomorphic, gloria, glory, gorgeous, gorgon, gorilla, gory, guarantor, hardcore, harpsichord, hawthorn(!), heliport, herivore, historian, horde, hormone, horn, hornet, horse, horticulture, implore, import, important, incorporate, inexorable, informal, inordinate, inshore, Jordan, korma, laborious, lord, lore, matador, mentor, metaphor, meteor, morbid, mordant, more, moreover, Morgan, morning, moron, morph, morphine, morse, morsel, mortal, mortar, mortgage, mortice, mortuary, nor, normal, norse, north, norther, notorious, offshore, omnivore, orchestra, ordain, ordinary, organ, orient, ornithology, orthopaedic, oxymoron, paranormal, pastoral, pectoral, perform, performer, pictorial, pinafore, pitchfork, platform, porcelain, porcine, porcupine, pore, pork, porous, porpoise, port, portable, portal, portcullis, porter, portfolio, portico, portion, proforma, proportion, 


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