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Blogging about blogging.

I’m trying to write this in 10 minutes after reading Alexandra Samuels’ blog about how to write a blog in 10 minutes.

About a month ago I started trickling some snippets of work that my pupils were doing HERE, after reading@deputymitchell and @ianaddison’s school blogs and then thinking even tiny bits of work can matter. When my boss commented on Ben’s mnemonic it meant approval. Since then, the visceral reactions I have witnessed from some pupils reading the comments on their sometimes ‘micro-blogs’,  have convinced me it will be an integral part of my teaching as often as I can manage it; they get inspired, it throws up teaching points, they want to read etc. although as a peripatetic, the continuity is not always what you’d like only seeing pupils once a week, but still, from little acorns….

The next stage is to embed this in practice to an extent where I can then get pupils to have access from home to post drafts which I know some schools have already implemented.

Thanks to Dave, Ian and all you pioneering blog-teachers.

13 minutes, not bad, now go and leave some comments on some pupils blogs.


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