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Word families- the ^ ‘u’ sound as in bus – u, er, or, ar, a, e, i, ure, o, ou, our

The ^ – ‘u’ sound as in ‘bus’ – spelling alternatives-examples

Arriva London Routemaster RML2401 (JJD 401D) route 83 branding Piccadilly Circus.jpg


u- bus

 adult, blunt, bud, bug, bump, bun, cup, chuck, chunk, cluck, clumsy, crumb, crunch, crust, cut, deduct, duck, drudge, drum, drunk, dull, dump, dust, erupt, fudge, fun, fuss, glug, glum, glutton, grub, grudge, gruff, grumble, grunge, gull, gum, gun, gunk, guppy  , gust, gut, hut, hunt, hundred, judder, jug, jump, just, luck, lug, lull, lunch, lung, lunge, lust, muck, mud, mug, mum, munch, mundane, musket, must, mutt, mutton, nub, nudge, nugget, null, numb, number, nun, nuptial, plum, plumb, plummet, plunder, plunge, plus, pub, public, puff, pug, pummel, pump, punk, punt, pus, putt, rub, rubber, ruck, rudder, ruddy, rugby, rugged, rum, rumble, run, rung, rust, russet, rut, substitute, submerge, sub-* lots, suck, sudden, suds, suffer, sulk, sully, sultan, sultana, sultry,  sum, summer, summit, sump, sumptuous, sun, Sunday, sup, supper, supplant, supply,  suss, sustain, suspect, sustenance…


                                                                             Photo credit: alvimann from morguefile.com 

er- digger

lots of these words stem from being a ‘doer’- e.g. from the verb ;- play becomes the noun player, sing – singer, teacher, runner, builder, driver, racer, learner, walker, writer, skater, painter, juggler, joker etc.

others- (often to describe dimensions)

after, afterwards, anger, another, antler, banger, batter, bigger, blister, blunder, crater, cracker, critter, danger, dinner, doubter, eastern, enter, fighter, girder, ginger, greater, higher, hanger, hunger, jumper, longer, manner, mister, monster, northern, other, patter, pattern, pepper, quarter, quicker, roster, sister, smaller, southern, summer, super, supper, taller, ticker, tiger, under, western, winter, wonder, yesterday, younger


 GNU Free Documentation License – Author : Medienfabrik Trier

or- Gladiators

when a word stem ends in -it, -ate, or -ct then usually the or spelling is used but there are others- 

accelerator, actor, adaptor, advisor, alligator, ancestor, anchor, author, aviator, bachelor, calculator, capacitor, captor, carburettor, collector, conspirator, contractor, contributor, councillor, decorator, defector, descriptor, detector, dictator, director, doctor, donor, editor, educator, elevator, eliminator, factor, generator, governor, horror, illustrator, imitator, incinerator, incisor, inferior, innovator, inspector, instructor, insulator, interior, inventor, investor, junior, juror, laminator, major, manor, mayor, microprocessor, minor, mirror, monitor, motor, narrator, navigator, possessor, prior, radiator, razor, reactor, refrigerator, regulator, renovator, resistor, rotor, rotator, sailor, scissors, sculptor, sector, selector, senior, sensor, solicitor, spectator, sponsor, superior, supervisor, surveyor, survivor, tailor, terror, tractor, traitor, translator, tremor, vector, vendor, ventilator, victor, visitor, warrior


                                                                     Photo credit: frenchbyte from morguefile.com

ar- sugar

loads of these ‘ar’ spellings end in -lar

beggar, binoculars, burglar, calendar, caterpillar, cellar, cheddar, circular, collar, custard, dollar, exemplar, familiar, grammar, insular, irregular, liar, molar, molecular, muscular, peculiar, perpendicular, pillar, scholar, similar, singular, spectacular, stellar, triangular, vicar


photo: http://www.wpclipart.com

a- camera

 away, ahead, arise, animal, agenda, Alaska, algebra, amnesia, bacteria, ballerina, banana, bonanza, cafeteria, cantata, cerebral, celestial, charisma, China, cinema, cola, data, delta, dilemma, drama, enigma, extra, fatal, gala, gorilla, harmonica, hernia, idea, inertia, koala, lava, llama, magma, mania, marimba, marina, mascara, medal, media, mocha, mozzarella, nebula, nirvana, nostalgia, ocarina, ocean, omega, opera, orchestra, panda, pasta, peninsula, phobia, piranha, pizza, plasma, polka, puma, petal, quadrant, replica, riviera, radial, Roman, rota, scuba, spatula, stigma, supernova, tapioca, tiara, tortilla, trivia(l), tuba, tuna, umbrella, vanilla, vendetta, Vera, Veronica, Victoria, vodka, woman, yoga, zebra


 Alien icon

e – alien

awaken, awoken, barren, brazen, brighten, broaden, broken, burden, children, chosen, citizen, dampen, darken, deepen, eaten, eleven, even, fallen, fasten, fatten, flatten, forgiven, forgotten, forsaken, frighten, frozen, garden, given, glisten, golden, happen, harden, haven, heaven, hidden, laden, lengthen, lessen, lighten, linen, listen, loosen, mistaken, moisten, molten, nitrogen, often, olden, open, oven, oxygen, proven, quicken, raven, ripen, roughen, sadden, seven, siren, silken, siren, slacken, specimen, stolen, spoken, straighten, stricken, sudden, sullen, swollen, taken, thicken, tinsel, toughen, vixen, warden, warren, wooden, woven, worsen


                                                                           Photo credit: mconnors from morguefile.com

i – pencil

basil, civil, devil, fossil, pupil, stencil, weevil


Treasure chest color

ure – treasure

usually follows an s or t

adventure, architecture, agriculture, brochure, capture, closure, configure, conjure, creature, culture, curvature, denture, disclosure, enclosure, expenditure, exposure, failure, figure, feature, fracture, furniture, gesture, injure, lecture, leisure, literature, manufacture, measure, miniature, mixture, moisture, nature, nurture, overture, picture, pleasure, pressure, procedure, puncture, rapture, rupture, scripture, sculpture, seizure, stature, structure, temperature, texture, torture, vulture


welsh dragon Pictures, Images and Photos


o – dragon

accomplice, another, bacon, beacon, bishop, brother, cannon, canyon, carbon, cauldron, common, cover, crimson, deacon, demon, falcon, flagon, gammon, glove, govern, jargon, klaxon, lexicon, lemon, lesson, lion, love, mason, matron, mother, other, pardon, phenomenon, piston, prison, salmon, sermon, skeleton, sponge, squadron, ribbon, tendon, tenon, wagon, weapon, won, wonder



ou – camouflage

borough, country, doubloon, double, enough, nourish, rough, southern, tough, trouble 




our – colour

armour, behaviour, clamour, favour, flavour, harbour, honour, humour, labour, neighbour, odour, parlour, rigour, rumour, saviour, savour, splendour, tumour, vapour, vigour










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