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words with the 3r sound- er, ir, or, ear, ur….

Examples of words in word families

I’ll post spelling patterns/word families here as and when I get time to, any others, let me know, I’ve tried to keep to commonly used words in schools and have left out words with many derivatives e.g. prefixes, suffixes, compound words, etc. These lists will be by no means comprehensive.

er- (clerk-depends where you’re from!), confer, covert, defer, desert (leave), fern, her, herd, hers, iceberg, infer , inter, jerk, kerb, kernel, overt, perjury, pert, pertinent, refer, serf, serpent, stern, term, tern, transfer, verb, were


or- work, world, worm, worse, worship, worst, worsted, worthy, word


affirm, birch, bird, birdbath etc , birth, blackbird, chirp, circa, circle- lots of derivatives >> circular, circuit, circumference, circumflex, circus, confirm, dirge, dirt, dirty, fir, firm, first, flirt, gird, girder, girdle, girl, girth, hirsute, infirm, irk, ladybird, mirth, quirk, shirk, shirt, sir, smirk, squirm, stir, swirl, third, thirsty, thirteen, twirl, virgin, virtual, virtue, virtuoso, whirl, whirr, zircon(i)a


ur- absurd, blur, blurb, blurt, burble, burden, burger, burglar, burgle, burgundy, burly, burn, burnt, burp, burr, bursar, bursary, burst, church, churlish, churn, concur, cur, curb, curd, curdle, curfew, curl, curly, curse, cursor, curt, curtail, curvature, curve, discursive, disturb, expurgate, fur, furlong, furnace, furnish, furniture, furry, further, furtive, gurgle, hurdle, hurl, hurt, hurtle, incur, lurch, lurk, murder, murky, murmur, nocturne, nurse, nurture, occur, perturb, purple, (re)furbish, (un)furl


earth, earthquake, heard, hearse, learn, learner, learning, pearl, rehearse, research, search, year, yearn



adjourn, journey (bound to be more here)


One Response

  1. fantastic examples. Need one big word that contains some of these word examples, for a making word game. Then the Big word is discovered by the class.

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