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Word Families- words with the 3r sound- er, ir, or, ear, ur….

Examples of words in the ‘ir’ as in ‘bird’ word families

er- (clerk-depends where you’re from!), confer, covert, defer, desert (leave), fern, her, herd, hers, iceberg, infer , inter, jerk, kerb, kernel, overt, perjury, pert, pertinent, refer, serf, serpent, stern, term, tern, transfer, verb, were


or- work, world, worm, worse, worship, worst, worsted, worthy, word


affirm, birch, bird, birdbath etc , birth, blackbird, chirp, circa, circle- lots of derivatives >> circular, circuit, circumference, circumflex, circus, confirm, dirge, dirt, dirty, fir, firm, first, flirt, gird, girder, girdle, girl, girth, hirsute, infirm, irk, ladybird, mirth, quirk, shirk, shirt, sir, smirk, squirm, stir, swirl, third, thirsty, thirteen, twirl, virgin, virtual, virtue, virtuoso, whirl, whirr, zircon(i)a 


ur- absurd, blur, blurb, blurt, burble, burden, burger, burglar, burgle, burgundy, burly, burn, burnt, burp, burr, bursar, bursary, burst, church, churlish, churn, concur, cur, curb, curd, curdle, curfew, curl, curly, curse, cursor, curt, curtail, curvature, curve, discursive, disturb, expurgate, fur, furlong, furnace, furnish, furniture, furry, further, furtive, gurgle, hurdle, hurl, hurt, hurtle, incur, lurch, lurk, murder, murky, murmur, nocturne, nurse, nurture, occur, perturb, purple, (re)furbish, (un)furl


earth, earthquake, heard, hearse, learn, learner, learning, pearl, rehearse, research, search, year, yearn



adjourn, journey (bound to be more here)


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