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Breathing again…

In March this year I was informed I would be made redundant after 3 years teaching in an SNRB, the inclusion agenda meaning most pupils attend mainstream classes, and special needs units being phased out, although I have my reservations about educational and social inclusion, they’re very different things and I fear the latter is being widely employed believing it to be the same as the former.

Although I knew the inevitable would happen and I’d lose my job, I made representations. I did, after all, feel I had a case as I’d been there longer than some mainstream staff, won a national teaching award last year, and have had a couple of papers published which I thought may bolster my appeal. So I was feeling pretty low a week ago Friday (actually, extremely low) when the appeal was upheld, and even lower when I received my notice the following Tuesday. I don’t mind admitting I don’t think I’ve ever felt as despondent and impotent in my life.

The next day I received a call to attend an interview for the post of ICT advisory teacher for the county, a good post but only for a year.  It went well but I had to admit to the people, if I was offered the SpLD post >>> coming up, I would take that, not only because its permanent, but because  I feel I can make a difference in the field. The following day I interviewed for that post of peripatetic SpLD (Dyslexia) teacher, a dream job in several ways, I thought the interview was ok but I resigned myself to not getting it, that way the disappointment would hopefully be less painful when I received the call to say thanks but no thanks, which was due to come sometime this week, the thought of waiting 4 or more days being a further drain on my depleted reserves of energy.

Last Friday afternoon, I received a call to say we thought you were the best candidate and think you’ll be a fabulous asset to the team. I don’t mind appearing to be a complete and utter wuss when I couldn’t say anything apart from emitting the most pitiful whimper of unadulterated relief, joy, elation, triumph, I don’t know but the lady said your silence speaks volumes. The weight of dread that lifted off my shoulders is still pretty much indescribable and has continued up until now. From a state of blunted unenthusiasm and utter morbidity, to a state of sheer rejuvenated joi de vivre, I thank the people who have faith in me, and all those who supported me through what was a pretty miserable time.

Now, onwards and upwards…


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