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One day to go till the festival

What a day, fixed the last few ads for the programme, went to take a photo of Sebastopol Club for the programme, got to school to sort the programme out , and the last alterations hadn’t saved, doh! Anyway, our kindly caretaker helped me sort the logistics out and finally got the programmes printed for Torfaen Jazz Mini-fest.

At tea time I went up to Brynmawr to the sacred ground that is BRFM community radio. These guys recorded a session a few weeks ago that Fraser Allibone put together, Andrew Fawcett on tenor,  me on trumpet, Erika Lyons on bass, Keth Niblett – drums and Jim Barber- piano. It went well and I’m waiting for the final CD master to be sent. I loved the atmosphere of the place, a back-street industrial estate, grimy surroundings but an oasis of enthusiasm and spirit, altogether 39 volunteers pushing out community radio from 8 in the morning to 11pm every day, and weekly live internet broadcasts to boot. The show went really well and I think it’ll be made into a podcast as they’ve just got the gear to do it this week. I had a great chat with Daryl, bassist with the Albino Frogs and presenter of the Smooth Show. We played tracks by Jay Phelps, Jamie Brownfield, John Paul Gard and Mike Britton, as well as the Michael Janisch gig next week.  I had a great time talking about the fest and Daryl made it very comfortable with his easy-going style.


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